I am originally from Northern Germany. Now I live in London, which I sometimes like and I sometimes hate. I share my life with my Canadian husband Marco and our three lovely British cats. Together, we inhabit a cosy terraced house with a reasonably sized garden. Both of which constantly seem to be needing work.

I spend a lot of my time sitting in front of a computer in a big office in town, but I secretly dream of being an allround crafter, cook, photographer, caf√© owner and homemaker somewhere in the countryside. Oh, and sometimes of being a camera woman (especially when I'm watching BBC nature documentaries). And I dream of all these things pretty much all the live long day...

I enjoy food, photography, travelling, reading, crafting, proper weather, people-watching, cuddles and beauty. I don't enjoy hearing my alarm clock, being on the Underground, selfishness, celeriac, drizzly rain, most caramel candy and roundabouts. 

I would not want to live without friends, chocolate, dresses, music, the changing seasons, the sea, cameras, backpacks, cushions, lists, showers, beds, chai latte, and online shopping. I love being barefoot, but inexplicably also quite often have an urge to buy myself a pretty pair of shoes.

My husband says that being difficult comes easy to me. I would like to spend some time in the America of the 50s. I like words. I think too much. I should call my friends more often and meet with them even more. I'm scared of spiders and being sick. I would love for everybody to be polite all the time. Or at least I would love for me to be polite all the time.

This blog is partly for my friends and family, who are scattered all over the world and kept asking me to email pictures. It is also meant as a kind of diary and as a place to collect the things I like. And if it should make me famous and rich and let me hand in my resignation letter at work one day, I would obviously not be sad either. Right now, I mostly enjoy blogging for the interesting people that it has brought into my life so far. Wanna be one of them and leave me a comment? That's just swell!

Anything else you need to know? Just ask me.