Tuesday 31 May 2011

In My Parents' Garden

I would like to share a few pictures that I took in my parents' garden a summer or two ago. It's a little green wonderland attached to the back of the terraced house that I grew up in. We moved into this house when I was about 6, and the garden started off with your typical patio, lawn and fir tree arrangement. 

Over the years, my parents have turned it into the lushest, greenest space. There is a goldfish pond, natural stone paving (my Papa used to take me to collect these stones in the surrounding countryside when I was a kid), and loads of little ornaments, trinkets and sculptures. The garden is brimming with plants in raised beds and containers, and is the perfect place for breakfast in the sun and family barbecues.






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Monday 30 May 2011

Etsy Shop - Oh, Little Rabbit

I bought these tea towels for my parent's Christmas present last year. I found them at Oh, Little Rabbit on Etsy. My parents are into hot air ballooning and often go to festivals, so these were perfect for taking with them in their camper van.

All items for sale at this shop are made by Cara and Jason, a husband-and-wife team from Oregon. They block print on recycled or organic fabrics to create their range of useful, beautiful articles. There are tea towels, shopping bags, notebooks, napkins and pillowcases in many wonderful designs and colours. They could not have been more helpful or accommodating in regards to placing my order.

Oh, Little Rabbit also have a website here. There, you can buy t-shirts, too. 

Check out these pictures from their Etsy shop. I hope you like!

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