Wednesday 7 March 2012

30 Days Of Lists - Week 1

I am partaking in 30 Days Of Lists again this month. I did want to join the challenge and enjoyed being part of the community when I first did my lists last September, but because I feel super-busy at the moment, I am taking a simple approach this time. I will write all of my lists on post-its. That'll keep them concise and I won't have to wreck my brain on how to design them. Sorry for being so plain.

So here it goes for the first few prompts. You can expect further lists each Wednesday through March. Please excuse the shoddy handwriting!


 DAY 2

 DAY 3

 DAY 4


 DAY 6

 DAY 7


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  1. I'm definitely a list maker...they help me organize my crazy brain! ;)

    stopping by from What I Love Wednesday!

  2. Loving your lists. I do NOT function w/out lists.

  3. this was really sweet Annika. i enjoyed reading your lists and what a lovely twist by adding them to post it notes. it made it that much more interesting! :-DD

  4. I lol'd at collecting cats - picturing you like the crazy cat lady on simpsons :)


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