Thursday 19 January 2012

Have You Got Mail?

Can I let you in on something? If I comment on a blog and the blog owner replies to my comment with another comment, I might never know. Because I do not usually go and check back! I will just assume they have ignored me altogether. Sad, but a fact of life.

If you have commented on All The Live Long Day, you will know that I'm gonna come back to you with an email. And if I do not have your email but a bit of time, I might come over to your blog and leave a comment in reply. In any case, you will know that I have read what you wrote to me. But emailing is definitely my preferred method of interaction. 

By getting in touch with people that way, I have had some awesome conversations and built a few virtual relationships with a bunch of lovely people. Emailing is personal and easy to do. 

You are wondering what I am talking about and want in on the email magic? It's so easy! 

If you are using Blogger, like I am, you can associate an email address with your profile. And when you do that, any owner of any blog that you comment on can reply to your remark straight from their inbox. If you have no public email address, you will be a no-reply-blogger. That's does not sound nice, does it? 

If you are now a bit down and feeling sad about the fact that somebody might think you don't like to play, you can quickly change your status from to 

Here is how: 

While you are signed in to your account, you open your dashboard in the design view, and there, beside your profile picture, you will find a link that lets you edit your profile. Click that link and you will see the following:

In order to associate an email address with you profile, you need to make sure you are:

1) sharing your profile
2) showing your email address
3) entering a valid email address to your profile

If you are leery about sharing your personal email address, why don't you set one up that you will only be using for blogging purposes? That is what I did with It is so easy to just open a new account with any of the major email providers.

And that is it. Now the people whose blogs you comment on will be able to interact with you in a quick and effortless way. All they need to do is click 'reply to email'. This is particularly useful if you enter giveaways, your contact details will always be right there, conveniently connected with your profile. If you win, they'll know where to reach you! I know this works with Blogger, but I am sure that the other blogging platforms must have similar settings.

If you read and comment on my blog, will you do this for me? I'd love to chat with you first hand! Mkay? And if not, that's fine too, naturally. I'd just thought I'd put this information out there.

Have a lovely day!


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  1. Annika sends such lovely emails too, They always make me smile.

  2. I struggle with commenting on blogs. I use a self hosted Wordpress site, which means that most bloggers I know use Blogger. I have a blogger account just so I can comment but when someone clicks on my name they just go to my blogger profile and not to my blog so I also have to leave my blog address (which I always think looks a bit rude). I need to look into OpenID as I think this may be the answer! Greta post thoughm thanks for the info :)

  3. I love emailing with other bloggers, it really does help build a relationship! I have never met you but feel I know you, and that if we were to meet we would have effortless conversation!


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