Wednesday 15 August 2012

What's Up?!

These are a few of the things I've been up to since I stopped updating here. I took these photos with Photosynth on my phone, and as you can see I've yet to master seamless panoramas. The good news is that I also took a lot of photos with my 'real' camera, and I'm gonna try and get those up here one of these days, too.

 Visiting my friend Susi in Essen, Germany.

 Spending time in my old hood, Cologne.

 Hiking in the Peak District

 The Olympics came to town, and I went to see Boxing at the ExCel...

 ... women's soccer at Wembley...

... and men's basketball at the Olympic Park.

 Enjoying a day out by the seaside in Whitstable.
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  1. You seriously took advantage of the Olympics! I hardly watched anything, just the 100m final and saw the cyclists go past me in person (which took about 30 seconds!).

  2. your photos are stunning! <3 the blog!!

  3. These are awesome! I totally have to check out photosynth!

  4. Great photos! I'm always looking for new photo apps, so this post makes me very happy. And your blog is so pretty! It's like being in a cozy room.

    1. Hi Gabriela.

      Thanks so much for visiting and deciding to become a Google-Friend! :o) That means a lot! Also, your comment about my blog is the loveliest thing anyone has ever said about it. I was hoping that people who come here get a feeling of being in a warm and comfortable space.


  5. I love those photos - I wanted to go to the Olympics but it didn't happen. My boys were going to get tickets to walk round the Olympic Village/area bit but they have all sold out now.

    I ended up watching sport pretty much every day of the Olympics which is completely unlike me as I never watch that much sport! I did watch the Opening Ceremony of the Paralympics on Wednesday but the coverage on Channel 4 is rubbish.

    1. Thank you, Hannah! I went a bit Olympic-crazy, what with living just around the corner and going to all those events. I loved the atmosphere. My husband and I also watched TV for what felt like two weeks flat, and we loved how the BBC covered the Games. I agree, the coverage for the Paralympics is not that great, what annoys me most are the commercials. But I still love seeing the athletes do amazing things with their bodies!


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