Wednesday 27 January 2010

It's my bathroom and I cry if I want to!

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Okay, first update:

The extractor fan is not going in the uppermost corner over the shower, but more in the middle of the wall.

The new light switch got placed right next to the door frame and not at a nice-looking distance away. But apparently it can still be moved. Yay.

The best thing though, is, that we found out that our interior walls are made of some kind of mushy material and are only about 5 cm thick, which is why Phil cannot run the shower pipes directly in the wall. Because the wall may just crumble if you so much look at it in the wrong way.

Which is why he has to build a fake wall.

Which is why we are losing the ledge that was supposed to be at the non-shower end of the bath.

Which is why the towel radiator can't go there anymore, really, because it would overhang the tub and we might bang our heads on it while trying to have a relaxing bubble bath.

Which is why the towel radiator will now go next to the door by the sink.

Which is why it is going to look a bit more crammed in the room (but we may save money, because I can return the towel ring that was supposed to go next to the sink instead).

Plus, everything is dusty, My Man and I are biting each other's heads off over yet another bathroom discussion, and having to wash in a plastic bowl instead of having a relaxing shower after a bad night's sleep is just not cutting it.

I am sure I am over-reacting, but it's just that all these problems are coming up right at the start. (Did I mention that yesterday we thought we had had the wrong shower valves delivered for a little while?)

I am sure all will be fine in the end. I'll be laughing about this one day. Ha-ha.

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  1. My heart goes out to you!!!
    Try to see the positive side - at least everything is still going ahead and Phil the Builder/Plumber knows what to do...
    Just remind yourself of the Anthropology Shower curtain


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