Monday 25 January 2010

Something's happening in my bathroom!

Wow! After almost three years of living with a pink bathroom suite and pink tiles with flowers on, our bathroom is finally being refurbished. Today was the first day of the makeover and Phil the Plumber, who we found via MyBuilder, really let rip.

When I left for work in the morning, the bathroom still looked like so:

And when I came home at night, it already looked so much more acceptable:

Now Phil has all our nice, shiny new purchases to play with, and hopefully in two weeks time, our bathroom will be a dream of white ceramics and chrome fixtures. I honestly cannot imagine what that is going to feel like. I was already more than a little ecstatic when I opened the Bathstore boxes and sneaked a peak at the sexy curved sink and the chrome tabs. After all the sleepless nights and headaches over what suite, tiles or lights to choose, I am just so happy that we now have everything at the ready. The pessimist in me is just crossing her fingers for no major drawbacks or disasters to occur during the remodelling phase, please!

By the way: our new toilet is called "Denver". Honest.

Get it? John?!

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