Thursday 5 May 2011

What's Not To Love: Today I Saw

Let me share one of the pieces of mail with you that I received while on holiday. It's a lovely hand drawn postcard from Jill of Today I Saw. Jill's sweet blog is all about her drawing, painting and other crafty endeavours.

The story behind the postcard is a project that she started in 2009, which meant to combine her love of sending and receiving proper, non-digital mail and her passion for drawing. She began recording little scenes from her daily life on postcards, then sending them to friends and family.

Now she sometimes offers postcards to readers of her blog. This happened to be the case back in February, when she generously promised a postcard each to 30 of her new followers as a welcome gift. I was one of those, and luck was on my side when I was also one of the first 30 people to sign up for a card!

This is what she drew for me:

8 March was Shrove Tuesday, which is also called Pancake Day in the UK. I was thrilled that my card was food based, and I love the detail in this and many of her other drawings. Jill's little observations always make me smile! She really has a very good eye for capturing those small, special, happy moments and she causes me to appreciate the beauty that can be found in simple actions and observations!

I will need to find a pretty frame for this very unique piece of original art. Thank you, Jill!

Annika - All The Live Long Day (unless otherwise stated)

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  1. I love getting mail like that - that is not bills or junk :)


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