Thursday 5 May 2011

The Man Can Bake!

Okay, so today seems to be the day of short, random posts. This may be because I am home and bored. The reason for this: the first thing I did this morning, right after getting dressed, was to be sick. My body apparently thought that after a strenuous first day back at work, it was high time for resting up again... So I am nursing an upset stomach. And please do not get too excited! Even though I am fresh back from the honeymoon, I can confirm that it's definitely NOT morning sickness! Just to nip any suspicions right in the bud!

On a brighter note, here are some pictures of my birthday cake (also definitely not the cause for my tummy trouble). May I present you with the big, bad Brooklyn Blackout Cake. Recipe courtesy of The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook. Baked by my very own husband! Very yummy! Both cake and husband!

I thought I should give credit where credit is due. And who knows, if I praise him enough, he might extend his baking to other occasions, too. He's quite good at it, really. He says he just does not like the actual process of having to make a cake. Shame. There is nothing sexier than a man who knows how to use his kitchen utensils!

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  1. Oh, well done Marco!!
    Rich baked exactely the same cake for my birthday 2 years's gorgeous! And sooo chocolaty :)
    Are close friends without blogs allowed to enter give-aways??

  2. Oh man that looks so good! I want chocolate cake now!!!


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