Friday 13 May 2011

What A Headache!

Being a relatively new Blogger: does this happen a lot? I mean the trouble with the platform? The disappearing of posts?

I am eagerly waiting for my photo post from yesterday to re-appear, and before that happens, I will hold off posting anything new. Too scared it may get lost! And all this on a Friday 13th!

Hope you other guys did not suffer too much from this blip!


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  1. I'm wondering the same thing! Was it really worth moving over from Wordpress? What a nightmare!

    Hopefully our posts will be back up soon

  2. Just my experience, but this is rare. It's usually really stable compared to some others. I had one post deleted, but it mysteriously reappeared a little while ago. Tonight's activity??? I am backing up, which I rarely do!

    Have a fantastic weekend.


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