Tuesday 17 April 2012

Knit The Sky

I got some special mail the other day. I had ordered a wool kit from Leafcutter Designs, with all the ingredients to knit myself a piece of sky. I am not sure anymore when and how I found out about Leafcutter Designs and its creator Lea but I had previously used her post service. Lea's website is full of wondrous things and services that inspire the imagination.

Lea latest project revolves around 'conceptual knitting' and the 'sky scarf' was her first idea. My parcel contained 5 skeins of soft laceweight alpaca yarn in all the colours of the sky, a project patch and instructions. 

The idea is to watch the sky and its changing colours every day for a year and then to knit two rows in the colour yarn that is most accurate in order to create a representation of your local weather. Lea explains it better herself:

I am going to start my scarf on my birthday in May, so by the time my next birthday comes up, I will be able to look back on what the previous year in my life was like, at least weather-wise. I feel really connected with the idea behind this project, because sky-gazing is one of my favourite pastimes!

Mae was feeling connected with the project, too, especially when I unwound the skeins into balls:

While Missy was trying to appear well-behaved and just watched:


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  1. What a pretty package! I always wanted to learn how to knit. I was crocheting like crazy last Dec but I get burned out quickly. Cute kitty!

    1. The kitties know it, too! :o)

      My grandma must have shown me how to knit about 25 times, but it finally seems to stick in my brain now!

  2. oooh ive seen her website... i look forward to seeing you sky next year. it's such a cool idea

  3. What a gorgeous idea! I seriously love alpaca as well, one day I want to have an alpaca farm (interesting fact about alpaca: their fibre is not techincally a wool, it is hair.)


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