Wednesday 31 October 2012


Marco will be on nightshift later, so I'll be handing out treats for the neighbourhood kids all on my own tonight. I am also determined to somehow make it through the traditional scary-movie-viewing without a strong man to hide behind. I will keep popcporn close for sustenance and make the cats sit with me for some emotional support. I haven't yet decided on what to watch, any suggestions? 
To help get everybody in a frightful mood, here are some spooky links:
Visit The Doll Asylum.
Bloody good cooking.
Cute Pumpkin DIY.

Mmmmhhh, cake!

Pooches in costumes.

Collection of Victorian Post Mortem Photography.
(Not for the sensitive soul!)

Magic Catnip.
Who says bats are scary?!
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  1. Have a fun and spooky time Annika! Curious to know what film you end up watching. If you haven't seen The Ring, it is a very scary option! I think I'll be settling in with the Alfred Hitchcock Anthology that I've just noticed has been added to our Netflix.


  2. I hope you had fun! I watched The Lost Boys by myself last night but it isn't too scary. What did you end up watching?

    Oh, and thank you for the Baby Bats In Blankets link. I'm. In. Love.


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