Thursday 25 October 2012

Manchester In June

The things-I-did-this-summer catch-up continues. The thing in this post is my trip to Manchester, which mainly happened so Marco and I could catch both Pearl Jam and Bruce Springsteen in concert on consecutive nights. It was the 5th time of Pearl Jam for me, and the 4th time for Bruce. Both never fail to blow me away. I'm happy these musicians brought me to Manchester, too. It's a city I liked from the word go. A beautiful mix of architecture, old and new. Super friendly people (we had chats with absolutely everybody, which I am not used to, living in London). A lot of rain, but I like proper weather, and got a bargain new rain jacket out of it.

We stayed for two days and went discovering on each one. We had the most delicious dim sum lunch at Yang Sing in Chinatown, and lovely Eggs Benedict at Home Sweet Home for breakfast. We also took a few hours of shelter from the rain in the beautiful John Rylands Library, where I went to the loo in a Victorian bathroom.

I loved the city so much that I bought a souvenir bag. It says I ❤ MCR, and I have had a few comments on it from Mancunians back here in London.

After leaving Manchester, we drove back through the Peak District, where we went hiking in the same lot of rain. Hopefully I'll get the pictures from that up here soon, too. But for now, let me show you MCR!

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  1. I love that you showed a photo of the light post with all the stickers. When I traveled around Europe I would very carefully peel the ones off I like and pasted them in my travel scrapbook!

    1. Yes, I saw that in the post about your scrapbooking. I have never tried that, I would have thought that they'd probably tear. But I really love little pieces of street art and advertising like that.

  2. Hi Annika. These are such wonderful photos. Manchester is at the top of pur 'must visit' list, and your photos just made me want to go more. That library is unbelievable. You must have had such a great time, including the two excellent concerts. Good for you! Who cares about the rain. We may be sweet but we're not made of sugar :)

  3. I love all the pops of color in the first few pictures...and then I got to the dumplings, reminded me that I need to go out for yum cha soon! I've always found wigs (especially when displayed like that picture) a tad bit creepy! Beautiful, beautiful photos xoxox


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