Monday 21 January 2013

Pine Cones

I love picking up bits of nature when I'm on a walk. I love looking at the different shapes of things, their intricacy and geometry is so close to perfection. I have a particular thing for pine cones. I think they are beautiful. I have so many at home and when I was bored on the weekend, I made some into wall hangings.

Do not ask me if there is a meaning behind these, or why they look the way they look. I just took some pine cones and branches and embroidery floss and this is what came out. I felt a bit silly at first, wrapping bits of thread around a twig, but in the end I really enjoyed the process of creating something. I am quite pleased with my little pieces of primitive art.


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  1. They're great. I feel like I know what you mean about the geometry - it's just so perfect.

  2. Ooh, I love all the pretty colors! Sticks and string go so well together :)

  3. Hello darling Annika, they are gorgeous!!! the simplest things so often have the biggest impact. Also thank you so so much for taking out an ad!!!! I hope you will get lots of visitors. i will do a shout-out (feature post) soon, and also put you on facebook and twitter :-)
    Big hug to you

  4. So pretty! I love having the outdoors indoors :)

  5. Annika! I love these. They are sweet and wonderful. Just like you. awwwwwwww :)

    <3 Amy

  6. these are beautiful, love a good catch up on your blog :)


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