Saturday 12 January 2013

What? It's almost February???

Hi People! If you are still here. Seeing as I haven't been... As usual in January, I am in a bit of a blogging slump. Or maybe I'm just feeling slumpy all over. Comes with the post-Christmas come-down, which this year is combined with post-holiday blues. I haven't even picked my word yet, unlike so many other bloggers. Yes, I am indeed still reading blogs. Just the writing is an issue. But the time will come. 
By the way, did you enjoy all the fantabulous guest posters that came to visit here in November and December? I need to give them all a BIG thank you for sharing their brilliance with you and me. Just in case you missed any of them, here are the links to their posts:

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And even though I have not shown my face around here for a while, let me assure you that I have not been completely idle. Here are a few of the things that I've been up to in the last few weeks:

Spent Christmas at home in Germany.

 Celebrated my Oma's 80th.

Eaten a lot of festive food.

Cooked my first ever Christmas turkey, successfully!

Had drinks at a bar with no name with lovely company (named Christina, Rich & Marco).

Gone for walks.

Made the cats cuddle with me.

 Designed and ordered some business cards from Zazzle for when I do pick up blogging again.

Rescued mice when the cats had to reconfirm their wild animal status after too much cuddling.

Cross-stitched a birthday present for a dear friend.

Said goodbye to the sparkly season in style with carols, GlΓΌhwein & a bonfire at 
the awesome Geffrye Museum.

What about you? Did you have a good change-over? How is your 2013 shaping up so far? Have you big plans? Picked a word? Or are you taken the slow approach like me? In what ever way you are tackling the next 12 months, I hope that they will be happy and joyful and full of fervour. Eventually...

See you soon!

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  1. "Made the cats cuddle with me" haha, my cat would train her hunting skills on me if I tried that (fact is, she does that anyway). Great photos. So glad you're back!

  2. Hi Annika! Great pictures. The one with the stars and the one with the huge tree are stunning. And I love your cross-stitch pieces. I'm sure your friend was delighted! Happy to have you back in blogland!

  3. Hey Annika! Beautiful pics as always :) I am crushing pretty hard on those cross stitched pieces! I need more woodland creatures in my life! Also, your business cards and cats are adorable. Coming down after Christmas is just happening for me too, AND I'm back to blogging TOO! SO. We might be on the same wavelength.

  4. Oh that dessert look so tempting. not what i should be looking at while i am tring to stay

    Nike O.

  5. happy new year!!!! lovely pics!!! Your post reminds me that I should probably update my blog too lol...but maybe in a few days time. I'm also having the post-christmas wind down over here...

  6. Lovely pics, love! Especially love the one with your mom and Oma! And this dear friend was very happy about her bday present ;)!!! Thank you so much!! Have a wonderful and fun start to the new year - can't wait to see your Vietnam/Australia holiday photos... Love, Ivonne

  7. Great pics! Love the businesscards and those cross stitch pieces are so amazing!!!! :) And that poor little mouse! Glad you were able to save the little one :)


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