Monday 27 May 2013

Rainbow Rubbish

There's a small gallery in the park near my house, and this weekend it hosted a showcase of work from new artists and fashion designers who study at the local college.

My favourite exhibit was the interactive Spectrum installation, for which every visitor was invited to contribute by bringing along colourful unwanted items. These things were then arranged in a rainbow of hues on the gallery floor, with the installation growing over the duration of the exhibition.

There was an array of broken toys, packaging, household items, clothing, etc. and all this junk had started looking just beautiful. I forgot to choose something to contribute, so I rummaged through my wallet while I was there and found an old, expired purple loyalty card from a sandwich shop, which I should have recycled ages ago. But hey, now it's art!
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  1. that looks pretty cool! and what a great idea to create an art from recycled stuff! :) bet that was a great exhibition! :)

    1. I had read about it last week and almost forgot about it, we were on the way to a different gallery when I saw the posters again on the wall of this one. Unexpected art is the best!

  2. I just all the art you feature on your blog, it's so beautiful and inspiring.



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