Monday 13 May 2013

What I've Been Busy With.

Hello, hello. Sometimes (though rarely) I do have a good excuse not to blog. It's those times I'm busy living! My parents stayed over for the first week of May, and it was my birthday, and we went to the seaside and had a lovely meal, and then a party with my friends. And there was cake. A lot of cake. And a tragic hedgehog and shells (more of these later). And to be honest, I have also been alternately watching Being Erica and Parks & Recreation, both of which are very, very captivating TV shows.
Alas, here are a few phonos (phone-photos, I'm so funny!):

I discovered my new favourite bubble tea flavour: rose milk. I think the boba was strawberry-flavoured. To die for!

My birthday started off with just one cake. The normal amount. I also got presents. My parents gifted me a night alone in a book shop. How ace is that? Had I known such opportunities existed  I would have put that on my bucket list for sure. Marco gave me speakers for my phone (I am recently Spotify-addicted) and the River Cottage Handbooks, which I had been longing for for a while.

I couldn't have eaten a slice of my one cake after a big breakfast of pancakes and delicious lunch sandwiches from The Cupcake Cafe in Margate. 

Margate panorama. There is nothing better than spending your birthday by the seaside. In my book at least. 

Margate wildlife.

Margate art.

After trawling the charity shops in Margate and hanging out at the beach, we had some time to kill before dinner (not pictured), so we took a little drive and watched the sun set over Ramsgate marina.

Dude knows how to accessorize!

The beach in Ramsgate and I being a happy birthday girl after the amount of cakes that I got given had grown into a buffet by Saturday.

Would you look at this. See that little white cake on the left? Quite inconspicuous, n'est-ce pas?

Look what it was!!! Only a rainbow cake, made by my super-duper amazing friend Christina! It made me so happy! We're still eating it now, although it's diminishing quickly.

I had a truly happy birthday week. My friends and family made me feel really special.

What about you guys? Has anything exciting happened in your lives? How do you like to spend your birthday? I'd love to know, so leave me a comment.

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  1. Happy Birthday dollface! Looks like you had a grand birthday!
    I love Parks and Rec, I just started watching it a couple of weeks ago and I could not be more addicted to it.


  2. Happy happy birthday Annika! It looks like it was the lovliest of days. And those cakes! <3 Love your new header and dividers! I'm going to have to check that website out :)

  3. Happy birthday to you! Looks and sounds like it was a great time. And so much lovely cake. The rainbow one is gorgeous.

    1. Thank you! Isn't it the best cake ever? I've seen them around some blogs before but never hoped anybody would bake one for me!!!

  4. Happy birthday! I love that rainbow cake! It's my birthday on Saturday and all I want is a lie-in! I have a little 9 month old so it's wishful thinking!!
    anna x

    1. Thank you! I'm always happy to meet another May child! Well, and may your child sleep in a little on Saturday! ;o)

  5. Happy Belated B-Day!!! Those cakes look this what heaven looks like? Let's eat cake allllll day. I love the little metalic balls on the rainbow cake - so cute!


    1. I think it was definitely what heaven tasted like!

      Thank you for the birthday wishes! x


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