Monday 28 February 2011

The Cats

Let me introduce you to the cats. They can be quite demanding and naughty. They need a lot of care and attention. But we still love them! Except when they come to sit on our chests and breathe down our faces at 4 AM...

This is Mae. She was our first. She is a beautiful tortoiseshell, black and white and red all over... With four cute little white mitten paws. Marco came up with her name because she was very flirty and easy to give us love when we first met her, so she reminded him of Mae West. Mae enjoys hunting for moths, running, fruit cake, belly rubs, and string. Mae does not enjoy being stalked by Missy, raw meat, and cat bullies.

This is Missy. She came second, but thinks she is number one. She is mostly black with a few reddish tortoiseshell speckles, three white whiskers, and a funky raccoon tail. Her name suits her because she can be something of a little misfit. Missy enjoys water, sleeping on the laptop keyboard, meeting other cats, feathery toys, and purring. Missy does not enjoy having nobody to play with, being told off, and us sleeping in.

Both of them are rescue cats that were looked after by Cats Protection before they moved in with us. Mae was a kitten when she was first rescued, then went to live with somebody who developed an allergy to her. Good for us, but poor Mae! Missy had had a loving owner, but was put into shelter when the lady became pregnant and her boyfriend did no longer want a cat in the house. It must have been hard to give her up!


Completely unrelated to the above, I today complimented a post officer on how methodical he was in stamping and signing several proof-of-postage slips for parcels I was sending. Geek!

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