Wednesday 23 February 2011

Problem Hair

So, today was supposed to be a happy day. Because I reached the first milestone in my personal weight loss challenge: 5 kilos off the starting weight! Maybe I shouldn't mention that these were the same 5 kilos that I had put on over Christmas, consuming copious amounts of Christmas cookies, cakes and chocolates?

But anyway, they're bygone now, and it was time for the reward I had promised myself. A hairdresser's appointment. With my favourite hairdresser, Jay, who always manages to make me feel like this:

As you can see, that's a glamorous Ava Gardner with shiny tresses, and not a weeping wreck, trying to wash and rearrange her hair immediately on her return home after having been made to sit with a scarily ├╝bercool stylist for too long. And here you have an actual picture of me after an appointment, so you can see I'm not so far off:

I was REALLY looking forward to making this appointment for several reasons.

Firstly, I had been putting off having my hair properly cut since the wedding last August (I know!), and my locks so need a trim.

Secondly, my grey roots are showing quite, which I pretend is alright and almost invisible when I wear the hair up, but in reality I urgently need some highlights.

Thirdly, Jay is really lovely to talk to, not intrusive or gossipy, but friendly and sweet. Of course she still is ├╝bercool (comes with the territory), but she's not scary. And she is such a wizard with the hairdryer. Not to mention the actual cutting!

All the time from August till now, I had a bad conscience, because I thought she might think I defected to a different salon and I wanted to make up for lost time. Last I saw her, she gave me a hug and wished me good luck for the big day, so I thought I certainly was due for catching her up on my married life.

Now wait for this. I call the salon in giddy anticipation, asking for a date with Jay.

And the girl on the other end of the phone says:

"Sorry, she's not working here at the moment."

So I ask:

"Has she moved to your other branch?"


"No, she's gone travelling for two months and we're not sure if she is going to come back after."


"You mean she might come back?"


"We don't know."

Now I, desperately:

" Erm, okay, I will have to see, maybe I will wait and call again in two months?"


"Uh, okay?!"


"Okay, thanks, bye."



NO!!!!! Jay has left me!

She could not wait 6 months for my return? How? Why? I should have known. We always talked about trips we'd taken or were planning to take, she had severe wanderlust. And now she's gone. I am traumatized. Does anybody know where she is? Should I hire a PI to track her down?

All I know now is that I will have to look for a new hairdresser that I like and can afford, and last time that took 10 years and several cities. Maybe I will book a cut with one of her colleagues, but can they be trusted? Wouldn't that be cheating? Just because Jay and I are taking a break does not mean I should be seeing other people. What should I do???

Maybe I will just let my hair grow forever. Even if that adds 5 kilos...



All shall be well. Let's cross our fingers. After I sent a heartfelt email message FAO my former hairdresser last week, I got a reply from the salon owner:

Subject: RE: An Email from ESHK
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2011 13:45:50 +0000

Hi Annika,

Your message is very important to us! Thank you and I'm so glad that you like our service. But I have a good news for you, Jay suppose leaving us but I think she will come back after her holidays, which is in April, therefore I will delivery your message to her when she is back or you can come back anytime after April to tell her this yourself!

Thanks again and I really hope to see you in ESHK soon



This was my original message. Don't call me weird...

Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2011 13:06:36 +0000
Subject: An Email from ESHK

a form has been submitted on February 23, 2011, via: /contact [IP]
Contact Page Form

Your Name Annika
Subject Jay
Message Hi there. I just found out that Jay from the Hoxton salon is no longer working with you at the moment, and I always had my hair cut by her. I did not get an appointment for a while (not because I defected, but because I got a bit lazy about my hair), so I did not know she was leaving. If possible, could you give her a message and let her know how much I appreciated her personality and what she did with my hair? I am devastated to loose such a great hairdresser! And good luck to her in whatever she will be doing next! I would be so grateful if you could somehow forward this on to her. Thank you very much. Best regards, Annika

The salon is ESHK, by the way. I go to the Hoxton branch. For the time being, I booked in with Miguel. Miguel, don't let me down!

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