Thursday 17 February 2011


Living in London means having an abundance of food on your doorstep, being able to find a restaurant that serves most any cuisine you would want. I have been trying out so many places to eat, barely ever going back a second time. Not because of disappointment in the establishment, but because there are just so many other options that I would like to try as well. This is why, in my over 6 years here, I have not yet found too many 'staples'. Meaning, I hardly have many tried and tested kitchens to return to time and time again, knowing that the food is excellent, the staff is friendly and you get value for money. Places where you would take friends and visitors or that you would recommend if somebody asked you if you knew a good restaurant. I believe that you cannot really be a self-respecting food lover without having these staples, so I have thought about what restaurants I already know that may fall into this category, and about what is missing in the canon. So, here goes...


Fancy – Wild Honey
Café Yumchaa
Vietnamese - Green Papaya
Vegetarian Indian - Diwana
Vegetarian - Mildreds
Tapas Bar – Orford Saloon
Indian Take Away – Village Tandoori
Doner - Village Fish Bar 


Cosy Italian
Thai Food
Traditional Caff
Afternoon Tea
Fish & Chips
Ice Cream Parlor
Good Burgers
Cocktail Bar
Sunday Roast

If anybody has a restaurant they love, especially in postcode area E, please do tell!

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  1. Ice cream: Gotta be Marine Ices in Chalk Farm. Not local, but fantastic. And our local (N4) pizzeria delivers their ice cream with our take out.


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