Monday 13 February 2012

Gifts From Canada

Sorry, but today it's going to be another post about how amazing my husband is. Because he just is THE BEST and it cannot be mentioned enough! Enter: all the stuff he brought me from his trip to Canada! The first thing he pulled out of his bag was a heart shaped jam donut from Tim Hortons, but somehow that did not make it through to the time I took the pics for today...

Swiss Chocolate and Hazelnut Cream flavoured coffees. I'm not sure why flavoured coffees have not caught on in Europe yet. I think there would be interest!

I can now quench my new addiction to David's Tea (courtesy of Amy) with this delicious Coffee Pu'Erh. It's a BIG bag!

In order to be able to drink my tea and coffee in true patriotic (by proxy) style, Marco brought me this maple leaf mug.

I developed a Bran Buds habit when we were both over in Vancouver last fall and felt a bit stupid that I had not brought a box back. This has now been remedied. I have two bulk boxes. One for home, one for the office.

Marco also brought a big bag of bulk bin candy covered chocolate chips. I can't wait to use them to make a batch of my favourite chocolate chip cookies, so watch this space!

And just for good measure, a giant bag of good old Chipits. Apart from using these in recipes, I also like to lace my muesli with a few chocolate chips. I do not know how Marco was able to stay under the weight limit for luggage on his flight back. I do have a feeling he maybe left some socks or undies behind. He claims he didn't..

Another thing I usually pick up when I'm in Canada are mini marshmallows. European marshmallows just don't compare somehow. These are going to crown  a lot of mugs of hot chocolate.

How about a big bag of small bags of Cheezies?! If you've got a husband like mine, you got that as well! I am  trying really hard to ration these and restrict consumption to one pack at lunch time at work each weekday. But it's Sunday evening while I am writing this, and I needed energy to blog, so the bag somehow is one packet lighter...

Finally, some reading material to go with all my snacks and drinks. I have been saving these so far, but I cannot wait to find out how to lose 10 pounds while eating macaroni and cheese!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Marco, for bringing a bit of Canada home for me!

What about you guys? Is there things that you like to bring back when you visit abroad? Any food that you discovered during a holiday somewhere and that you wish you could get where you live? If you live in a different country from your own, what do you always pick up at the grocery store on visits cause you miss it? For me, it's definitely these Canadian things above, or when in Germany: bread rolls, chocolate and semolina (the British semolina somehow is not the same...).


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  1. Go Marco!! What a superstar that husband of yours is!

  2. I love that you love Coffee Pu'Erh.!

    I had a cup yesterday and each time I drink it I say to myself, "mmmmmm this is really good tea."

    Rich, yet not bitter...and looks dark as chocolate.

    Your man is a keeper.



  3. The Algerian Coffee Store (it's real name!) on Old Compton street that makes flavored coffee... Not sure about all the flavors but they have a lot of stuff. Good quality too :)

  4. i love all of these goodies. i may need to go get some. ;)
    loving the maple leaf mug (wannnnnnt).

    and those candy coated chips look SO crunchy delish.

    :) i'll take one of each please!

  5. awesome goodies sweetie! I've got too many to list. my mom usually sends me a care package every year. I just recently got a package from her....


  6. Amazing! anytime you need a Canadian fill just send me your list!


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