Monday 30 January 2012

Tea Time

Quite recently, Erin from My Beautiful Disaster organized a tea swap that little ol' tea drinker me immediately signed up for, and on Saturday I received a very exciting package. My goodies from swap friend Amy of Fate Filled Times had arrived from across the Atlantic! Amy and I had already been emailing since we were partnered up, and I must say that Erin did herself very proud in matching us. 

The first thing I found when I opened the parcel was a beautifully stamped envelope. Inside the envelope there was an equally beautiful card with a message from Amy. She had carefully picked 6 different teas for me, all of which she loves herself. So with her card came personal notes on how she likes to drink each one, which was really thoughtful.

The teas Amy sent me are such fun! They are six different mixes with creative names and I can see myself liking them all. The very first sachet I unpacked contained a tea called 'Oh Canada', and if you read my blog, you will know that I have a wild love for this country, but am feeling a bit mopey about the fact that my husband is spending time there without me at the moment. So this tea brought a little bit of Canada to me that morning. Another blend contains cocoa, and yet another golden sugar balls. Amazing! I wanted to try them all at once!

I took some pictures of the tea to show on the blog, and suddenly the tea shoot turned into a cat shoot. My sweet, curious Mae came to see what I was doing, lured by the sound of tissue paper.

Mae took her time to sniff at every bag and would not let me take one more photo without her in it. So I decided I might as well make some tea! It will not be hard to guess which bag I ended up opening first. With the smell of syrup and caramel came tiny sugar maple leaves! I could not have been happier!

Thank you, Amy, for the wonderful new teas you gave me to try. I am looking forward to drinking each one of them! I am very glad that we made a connection through this swap and happy to discover that our love of tea is not the only thing we share. Thank you, Erin, for being a genius and organizing this! And if anybody is curious about what I sent Amy, you can go have a look here.


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  1. Yay! That shipping was fast! Your cat made me gasp in delight because I have a thing for calicos. I have one named Puff and she is my little buddy. Your cat is sooooo cute. I love her. She has the same white paws and white chest as my Puff :)

  2. omg. WHAT a funnnnnnn swap. i LOVE it. this is awesome.

    that maple tea is soooo stinking adorable.

    and your pictures are beautiful.

    this is a whole lotta happy. :)

  3. Stalking is totally allowed! I love your blog! (so now I am a follower so I can read along!)

  4. i love the little leaves in it!

  5. I don't drink tea, but those ones look lovely.


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