Thursday 2 February 2012

Winter Warmer Recipe Swap Roundup

Do you remember the recipe swap my friend Fiona and I hosted in December? It had been Fiona's clever idea, but we had fun organizing it together. Even though there were a few hurdles and glitches, it was a great experience to get people involved in this.

A big THANK YOU to all our lovely readers who made this experiment happen!

We opened a link list for the swappers to share what recipes they gave or received, and here are some of their creations:

Vicky got a recipe for Taco Soup from Shiloh and blogged about with delicious pictures. She made her own tortilla chips!

Michelle received instructions on how to make Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni from Rachel. If you'd like to see how nicely that baking dish filled up, check nowhere else but here:

Laura thought a cookie tree would be fun to make for Jessi and her family and shared an old family recipe:

This is the letter that Jessi received. Laura wrote the recipe on a star shape and included templates for the cookies.

Fiona shared her grandma's chocolate brownie recipe with swap partner Kerry. To see what Fiona made on Grace's recommendation, check out her blog post!

And finally, I sent one of my favourite quick dinners to Jess and made the sweet acquaintance of Jessi's aunt Vera's sugar tarts.

All the linker-uppers' blogs are great places to spend some time, so if you like, pay them a visit!


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  1. Those sugar tarts look yummy. I'm heading over there now to drool some more. x

  2. Thanks for summarising everything Annika - I love how many different recipes were shared - they all look really tasty!


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