Wednesday 10 July 2013

Potato Salad with Sauerkraut & Pineapple

Are you still reading? Or did you already balk at the seemingly odd combination of ingredients in this post title? Trust me, this salad sounds weird, but it actually tastes pretty darn good. It's a recipe that my paternal Oma makes quite often for family gatherings, and my Mama requests it a lot when there's a party at her house, too.

The salad tastes best when you make it the night before you plan to have it, so that the cabbage, the fruit and the potatoes have ample time to get to know each other and mingle. 

(serves 4 - 6)


6 salad potatoes
300g sauerkraut
1 small onion, halfed and finely sliced
1 small (227g) can of pineapple pieces
1 tbsp cider vinegar


Boil the potatoes in their skin until done, let cool, then peel them and cut into bite-sized chunks.

In a big salad bowl, combine the potatoes, sauerkraut, sliced onion, pineapple pieces (juice and all) and the vinegar. Season vigourously and carefully mix together. 

Keep in the fridge for at least an hour to marinade, but ideally leave over night.

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  1. Ok, you're right, this combination does seem a little odd, but I love sauerkraut, pineapple and potatoes, so I am considering giving it a go. There is a reason that old family recipes get old, right? ... Because they're so good people just keep making them.

  2. oh my my my ! that looks super yummy! even though that I'm not very big fan of pineapple, I want to give it a go for these salads!

  3. Thanks for your comments, Ladies. I'd be curious about what non-family members think of this! :o)


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