Monday 1 July 2013

These Kids Are Alright.

One of the most important things about staying in Canada for a while was getting to know our niece and nephews a bit better. Here they are in order of appearance:

Georgia the Gorgeous, who we had met before. We remembered her, of course, but I am unsure if she knew who these two grown-ups were that suddenly started hanging out with everybody. It took us the full two weeks to go from fist-bumps to conversation to kisses on the cheek (which finally happened when we said goodbye at the airport, yay!). 

Renzo the Mellow, who is just the happiest baby you can imagine. This was the first time we got to spend time with him, and he is just the sweetest! He even forgave me for knocking his head against a canopy when I picked him up once. Bad Aunty Annika, bad! Renzo kept babbling and chuckling to himself every time we saw him.

Greyson the Newby, who has just arrived in this world and is only a few months old. He did what babies do best and smelled nice while being cute. I managed to keep him quiet for a long while when I was holding him in my lap, whereas he always got cranky when he was with Marco. Do I have baby mojo or what?!

Apart from Vancouver obviously being the most beautiful place in the world, these little people make me wish we lived nearer to see them grow and for a chance to become their friends. Marco's brothers and their wives make such good parents, too, and it feels like these three kids are bringing everybody closer together.

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  1. Aw, how cute those little ones! I feel the same, it's so hard to live away from little ones in your life. My nephew is growing up so fast and I wish everyday I could be closer.


    1. It is hard! Especially with the wee ones, as they don't really have memories of you at that age. But I've vowed to send letters and cards and do Skype from time to time to keep a sneaky presence in their lives. :o)


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