Tuesday 5 April 2011

A Little Old House

Sometimes, when life seems to be getting too tough in London, Marco and I start getting the moving bug. Especially now that we have a car, it's become so easy to just leave the metropolis behind and indulge in a little taste of countryside. I find it easy to imagine us living in a tiny village instead of in a city of millions. We have talked about what it would be like to move to somewhere smaller, cheaper and less populated, asking ourselves if we could make it work.

The Right Move property finder site is my best friend when it comes to this kind of daydreaming, and I wanted to show you a few pictures of  a cute little bungalow I found for sale in Broadstairs, on the Kent coast. You can find the full details on it here. It makes me wonder what it would feel like to walk up to that door and if the soil in the garden would make for good vegetable growing... And what may be behind the curtain in the second picture!

I love the little porch and the red door.

Nothing if not a theatrical interior.

I think this shot looks really artsy.
An estate agent with a flair for colour and shade.

This old kitchen? I would seriously consider keeping it!
Look at the light fitting!

Lovely wilderness at the back.

All photos © Ward & Partners

I am not sure if I would be up for doing the renovation work that something like this would entail, what with having done up one apartment in the past and still working on our current house. But I like the air of promise a place like this can hold. I hope that this little bungalow will find a loving owner!

When was the last time you moved? Do you feel settled in your place? Or do you feel you'd be more at home somewhere else?

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  1. What is behind that curtain? It so intrigueing, you should ring the estate agents just to ask!
    Scary ceiling tiles though!

    We moved out to the country from the West Midlands Metropolis almost 3 years ago with dreams of the good life. We still can't grow our own veg because of the amount of time the house has taken to do. But soon...

    Although not being able to ring for a takeaway delivery was a huge shock to the system!

  2. @Vicky

    What? No Indian food within the half-hour? I'm staying put!

    Apart from the food issue, did your move do it for you?

    I understand your vegetable woes, I feel the same at the place we live in now. We also moved 3 years ago and there are still some renos to be done. If I'm to be moving again, I don't think I would want to acquire another "project".

  3. I grew up with a red front door and I always loved it. The front of that house is darling!
    I don't think I could handle living in the city. We lived in a four-plex for a year and having neighbors so close made me a little reclusive. I just love the country.
    By the way, I think in my whole life I've had food delivered to my house just once. We've just never lived near enough to a city!

  4. @Nathan and Aimee

    I hear my neighbours every day, even if I don't leave the house! We live in a row of terraced houses, and the walls are very thin. And when the weather is good, you can always hear everyone talking in their gardens. Sometimes, I love the sense of community this gives me, but other times, it would be good to have a little more privacy.

  5. @Annika
    I wouldn't take on a project again either. I'm staying put now, unless I win the lottery and paying someone to do everything. Being two weeks away from christmas with no carpet, no paint, no builder or presents isn't an experience I wish to repeat anytime soon!

    I have recently discovered that the chinese 8 miles away will deliver, yet to put it too the test though!


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