Tuesday 26 April 2011

On Wedding Websites

Apparently, there are web designers that will charge a fee for building you a wedding website. Good on them and on the people with the money. Alas, there are also a lot of online companies that let you pick a great design and display your content for absolutely nothing!

Marco and I used mywedding.com. You can sign up for a free account and will get a password protected wedding website. You can choose your favourite design from a variety of different templates. We chose "Fun Dotty Border". You can then really customize your wedding site as much as you want, display your own choice of pages, upload photos or publish news. All this can be shared with your family and friends, who can also wish you well in your online guest book

For example, we posted all the details for our wedding venue, informed people about etiquette requirements for the registry office, made albums of our life together, left travel tips & suggested activities for our out-of-town guests and listed some fun facts about each other. You can see a few screen shots below.

I think having a website is a great way of involving your guests in your preparations, especially if a lot of them are traveling from further away to attend your big day.

With mywedding.com, your site will stay up as long as you like, so you can even display your wedding pictures or give people updates on your married life, which I think is pretty cool.

In addition to hosting your wedding website, mywedding.com also is a valuable resource for your wedding planning, with links to vendors (USA only), invaluable wedding tips, and a blog for even more inspiration.

Obviously, this provider is not the only option. If you just go and google "free wedding website", you will see how many more alternatives there are.

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  1. A great idea, especially when family & friends are far away.

    Question: Why did Marco eat a monkey?


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