Friday 29 April 2011

Congratulations, Will & Kate!

Today will bring the long-awaited, much-written-about and souvenir-industry-boosting wedding of Prince William of Wales to Kate Middleton. I wish them all the best and hope their marriage will be a happy one and withstand public scrutiny. At least, I imagine, in their circles they will not have to argue about who's turn it is to take out the trash...

Amongst my favourite items of wedding memorabilia are various Royal Wedding tea towels, from their more kitschy traditional incarnations down to the fresh new takes by some cool graphic designers. Here are a few that I particularly liked. Click the links below the images for sources.



Fancy a souvenir towel of your very own for your nuptials? You might want to have a look here.

As today will also bring Marco's and my return to London from our honeymoon, I do hope the tube will be running okay, what with all the flag-waving people and potential security issues...

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  1. it was such a pretty wedding! Hope you made it home ok


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