Thursday 7 April 2011

That's It, I'm Off!

Dear Everybody.

I just wanted to let you know that, this evening, Marco and I will be flying into the sunset and be off to Madagascar for our belated honeymoon. Whoop, whoop and triple whoop! I'm soooooooooo excited and also a tiny bit apprehensive, because Madagascar is probably the wildest country I will ever have set foot in. I've never travelled with a husband before either, so that's gonna be something. Eh, Marco!?

I am hoping to come back with plenty a travel tale, tons of photos, and a tan in early May. In the meantime, I have scheduled some posts for your enjoyment while I'm away. It's going to be a mix of some recipes, photos, and stuff that I deem cool. If you leave any comments or send me emails during the rest of April, I will make sure to get back to you when I return. For now, I am quite looking forward to be away from the PC for a while!

Thank you to Aiko, Eva, Ceci & Mama Ceci for looking after our cats while we are gone. We'll bring presents!

BIG thank you to our wedding guests, whose generosity has made a big part of this trip possible! You will all be with us in our thoughts, and we'll make sure to take lots of photos so we can show you what you have invested in!

Lots of love, take care for now!



P.S.: Hopefully we will get to meet some of these guys:

All photos courtesy of Wild Madagascar

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  1. Oh WOW!
    i'm sure it will be an amazing honeymoon!

  2. Enjoy and post loads of photos to make us all jealous when you get back. x.


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