Tuesday 19 April 2011

What's Not To Love: Tiny Happy

I do not quite remember when I really started reading blogs. It was maybe about 2 years ago that I discovered there was a community of creative people out there, willing to share their work and being generally inspiring.

Nor do I remember how exactly I became a faithful follower of Tiny Happy, but I do remember that it was this post about a bathroom that drew my attention one day. I loved the delicate look of the curtains, which the owner of this blog had personalized with lace doilies.

The lady behind Tiny Happy is called Melissa. Day to day, you will find her writing about her crafts. Like embroidery, sewing, drawing, painting. Melissa has a passion for re-using vintage fabric and thrift store finds, creating beautiful new items from old and discarded things. In her original art, she uses a range of sweet and delicate flower or plant-inspired motifs. A nature theme runs through all her work. She is generous with her knowledge and offers many tutorials on sewing and making things.


Sometimes, Melissa also writes about her life and her treasures, her family and her friends. She is very good at taking evocative pictures of the world around her and she shares recipes on occasion, which always seem to be for the kind of wholesome baked goods that you would want a friend to make for you to get you over a bad day. 


For all I know, this blogger has a very kind soul. This becomes apparent in her writing, her attention to detail, and also when she sends friendly replies to people like me who ask if they can blog about her. Thank you, Melissa, for sharing your creativity with me and your other readers.

You can see more of Melissa's work on Tiny Happy and in her Tiny Happy Shop on Etsy, if you would like to have a look.

All photos © Melissa - Tiny Happy

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