Tuesday 1 May 2012

Fleeting Fixations

I go through phases in my life in which I discover something and then get slightly over-involved with it. It could be a song, a certain make of pasta sauce, something I notice a person doing. Random things. But I will then listen to that one song on repeat for days, stock up on the sauce every time I shop or look out for the same tick in everybody I see. My passion for that particular something may last a week, a month, rarely forever. 

If you know what I am talking about, you may like my new idea of posting about my latest obsessions. I will tell you about them from time to time, and maybe if you feel like sharing yours, you can leave a link to a similar blog entry. I will call these posts Fleeting Fixations, because in most cases I will probably not even remember what made me go crazy about those things in the first place in a few weeks time!

Here are three things that I am currently obsessed with. 

Draw Something

This game is so much fun! It's available for iPhone or Android and you play against your friends or random strangers. You get given a word that you have to draw for the person you are playing with, and they get to guess what it is. Some of the drawings I got to guess were so hilarious. I'm pretty rubbish at drawing on a small screen with my fingers, but what matters most is imagination and creativity (I have myself believe). But check out this website to see how amazingly skilled some players are! My user name is All The Live Long Day if you would like to play with me!

Vanilla Soy Milk

I do drink regular milk, but I just really, really like the taste of this. Silky smooth and vanilla sweet, like custard. And it has less calories than the milk-based vanilla drinks you get at the grocery store. I go through roughly one pack every other day at the moment...

 Stylist Magazine 
Stylist is a multi-award-winning women's magazine that is given out on the streets of London every Wednesday. For free! It's a really well-edited, diverse publication. Features cover all the usual things you would find in a girly mag, like fashion trends, make-up and recipes. But in addition to this you get articles on books, working women, politics, feminist matters and a fantastic column by Lucy Mangan. The last issue covered the lack of attention and unfair pay for top female athletes, for example, and a feature on how good make-up for women with darker skin really just became available recently. I would happily pay for a magazine like this, but getting it for nothing every week is a treat!
Now you!
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  1. I am one of those freaks who doesn't have a smart phone yet. I don't want one cos I know I'll spend too much time online, but I do miss the games like this one. I've heard about it from all sorts of people and it looks great.

    I'd like to have one for the camera and istagram too, but I'll hold out for a while longer!

  2. I am absolutely the same! Give me a new song I love and I will listen to it on repeat for days! Same with movies! haha
    Great idea! Happy Tuesday xxx

  3. YOU ARE SO GOOD AT DRAW SOMETHING! Seriously. Very detailed, well thought out drawings. I am always humbled by them.

    :) Amy


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