Wednesday 30 May 2012

Alright, then.

Seeing as that is the only bit of blue left in the London sky at the moment, I thought I might as well give you those updates on my projects I was talking about yesterday (when I said I did not feel like blogging...). I will just assume that me deciding to wash our pillows and duvet today is just coincidental with the weather deciding to give us some rain. Anything else is just too messed up to think about it! Well, at least I got almost everything dry before the first drops fell.

So, here is update number one, for le sky scarf:

I have arranged all my balls of wool neatly in cups and glasses on a tray. So far, everything has stayed tangle-free. It also lets me easily store the project on the living room cabinet, well out of the way of my darling cats. 

You can see that since I started at the beginning of May, the weather has been pretty grey, except for the last glorious week and a half. I have not yet used any of the deep summer blue, but fortunately also none of the thunderstorm grey. Although today I might have to...

Update number two is for the wedding quilt:

I'm done with cutting out the squares. All 270 of them! Suddenly this project is starting to seem a bit daunting again. But it's been fun so far, and I can see the finished quilt vaguely in my mind. Onwards and upwards, ho! I believe it can be achieved.

Which leaves update number three, my lovely craft room:

The floor turned out beautiful! Whenever I go upstairs now, I need to factor in about 10 minutes of staring at the light wood and the pretty wallpaper. I have not moved in yet, before that happens I will need a trip to Ikea and the hardware store to get supplies to build a desk and shelves. This won't happen until after we're back from Germany. But that's okay, as I have been using the room as a workshop for refurbishing a little cabinet that is going to go next to my side of the bed. Yay! That's another project I will hopefully be able to show you soon!


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  1. i seriously LOVE the sky scarf you are doing. keep posting about it - it is so captivating!

  2. that sky scarf is just beautiful! I'm also really excited to see how your wedding quilt comes along. you've got some great projects on the go Annika!

  3. What a gorgeous sky scarf! I shall keep an eye out for future progress reports. Also, I love bare floorboards! The Boy and I have sanded floorboards in about four rooms now and it always makes such a difference to the ambience of the room. Your craft room is looking so good!

  4. Annika, your craft room looks wonderful!!
    I love the flooring.
    It looks like you have been very busy!

  5. Lauter schöne Projekte! Wünsche Dir eine ganz schöne Zeit in Deutschland und freue mich schon auf weitere Updates.
    Alles Liebe

  6. I absolutely adore this sky scarf idea! What fun. And your floor and wallpaper would also make me factor in an extra 10 minutes per visit.

  7. I love your craft room!!!!!!


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