Tuesday 29 May 2012

It's Too Darn Hot

I must apologize for still being a bit unreliable with my blogging. It's finally summer in England (let's hope it lasts for more than a week!) and sitting in front of my laptop has not been a priority. I have not quite been tap-dancing around my living room in a bathing suit, but the picture of Mae pretty much conveys what I feel like doing at the moment. Letting the sun warm my bones! I have a book review to write for Forever Free and I could show you progress on my wedding quilt and my sky scarf, so hopefully I will get those things up here soon. 

But I must warn you that I also have a Germany vacation planned next week, to go to my parents' housewarming and then to spend some time with friends in Essen and Cologne, so there might not be much posting happening then, either. But I have a feeling I might bring back photos...

To be honest, at the moment I am kinda thinking of giving myself the whole summer off, but I think I would miss you guys too much! So for now, please bear with me while I tend to life.

For something to do, maybe you would like to enter my knitting pattern giveaway?

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  1. Yay to summer. I hope it lasts too. We deserve it after the loooong winter we had. I've finally managed to get out in the garden. Enjoy your trip. xx


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