Thursday 17 May 2012

Look! I can make curtains!

But hey, at least I finally got around to sewing some curtains for the living room! It was one of those projects that had been on my to-do list forever. It was really quick to do in the end, maybe a couple of hours.

I used a set of old sheets that I got from eBay, and cut in half the yellow sheet was about the right width to cover the window. So I could use the existing hems, which saved me a lot of work. Lengthwise, the sheet did not quite fit, but as I wanted a contrasting bottom anyway, that was not to much of a drawback. I cut strips of the other sheet with a floral pattern in matching colours and sewed them on, using the French seam technique for a neat finish, so that my neighbours don't have to look at untidy sewing when they pass by my house. Again, I made use of the existing hem, and did not have to hem the bottom edge myself.

French Seam
I did not like how, when the light fell through the curtains, you could see where the hem started, so I attached a length of jaquard trim over it. Even though this was not part of my initial plan, I very much liked the look of it.

And here are my new curtains, all done. I like how they are not too dark and still let some of the light shine through. The cats have already started hairing all over them, so I think they approve. And even Marco liked them, despite the floral pattern at the bottom! That has made me think that I might try and be able to sneak some more flowery stuff into our home... Shhhh!


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  1. I thought the cat on the pillow was real for a moment!

    Lovely curtains! I've always wanted to sew. My mom took fashion design in college and she is a pro. I take my clothes to her to be altered and she always tells me to do it myself!

    Some day.... :)


  2. Who cares about pictures when you've got such great cushions?! Very impressed by the curtains. Took me years to make blinds and finally get some pictures on the wall. I'm glad I'm not the only one!

  3. Annika! These curtains are awesome! I am totally jealous of your sewing skills, I am intimidated by my sewing machine. And I also love your cushion selection. I too thought the cat was real!

  4. When I first saw that photo I thought the cat was real! The curtains turned out great, and that is a great pillow!

  5. Those curtains look brilliant! I've just bought some material to make cushions, but I just don't have your sewing skills!

  6. These curtains are so lovely! I love the French seam! We're three years in our house this Saturday, and I *still* haven't made something for our living room windows. Our kitty loves to poke his fangs through any hanging fabric to show his approval, so curtains always end up with a perforated detail edge at the bottom. :) Hopefully your example will motivate me to make something (like valances, so kitty can't reach!) soon!

  7. The curtains are so cool! Also love the pillow with the kitty, gorgeous!

  8. Very cute curtains! Love the color and print! Makes the room look much more cheery, I am sure!

    1. Thank you, Jen. A friend of mine called them 'summer curtains' when she first saw them, and I think that fits.


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