Monday 25 March 2013

A Passion for Fashion

Just a few days ago, Vaida from Don't Tell Anyone posted about her entry into this year's Passion For Fashion competition, which is run by MoneySupermarket. Inspired by her outfits, I decided to submit my own. There are three categories for which you need to put a selection of clothes together: Casual, Holiday and Party. The only catch is that each outfit is supposed to cost no more than £200. 

I had so much fun doing this and nearly spent a whole day window-shopping on the internet. I made sure that all the items I picked were available in larger sizes, as I imagined myself to be wearing them. So, tada! Here are my three ensembles:

CASUAL - £186.38 Total

HOLIDAY - £198.44 Total

PARTY - £198.02 Total

What do you think? I obviously like all the outfits, but the holiday one is probably my favourite. It's classic, feminine, practical, and the camera bag can be carried as a backpack, which would be so convenient. I could definitely see myself going adventuring in these clothes!

If you would like a go at winning the cash prize, you can submit your entry until 8 April. If you do, I would be really keen to see what you chose for each occasion, so I'd be super-happy if you left a link to your post in the comments! It would be awesome to see everybody's style. And if you don't go for the win yourself, I would really appreciate some finger-crossing. Ta!

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  1. Nice choices :-) When I next get my pocket money, I may have to go and investigate those Seychelles shoes further:-)

    Liebe Grüße,
    n x

  2. oh wow! Love your style! :))
    Camera bag is great! And the Bundle of Beauty dress is just adorable! :) Really!

  3. I REALLY like the second one, the dress is so cute!! That must have taken you a long time to put together. :)

  4. Love the party dress - cute!



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