Tuesday 12 March 2013

The Mood I'm In

Hi Folks.

I'm in a funny mood these days. I just feel like I want to ball up somewhere and think, think, think. I took this week off work, so I should really have a lot of opportunities to sort out the things that have been on my to-do list for the longest time (like, blogging?!). 

But all I managed to do yesterday is to spend most of the day on the sofa in my comfy pants, with my novel and hot chocolate, the cat Mae sleeping beside me and the wind blowing scatters of snowflakes around the house. I did not even have the energy to make myself some food, so that I was really hungry at dinner time and ended up ordering Indian takeaway for Marco and me. I'm in a funk.

In in little while, Marco and I will drive up to his English family north of London and I will have to attend my first ever funeral. We will be burying Marco's great aunt Ann, who passed away at the age of 93. I had only met her a few times, but she had always been very welcoming, warm-hearted and full of spunk and stories. 

Even though she could not move around a lot anymore, her mind was quick and she gave audience to her family from her sofa, with everybody sitting around her in her little living room. I am really sad that Marco and I did not take the chance to say goodbye to her in person, as she was sick for a little while before she died. Life got in the way, and maybe we hoped she would get better, but I had a feeling that she was not going to be here much longer, and I should have listened to my heart.

I have good things to share as well, like more photos from my travels, something of an amazing job opportunity (which I also have to make my mind up about), some happy mail. I hope I will get myself sorted, soon and be more present here. In the meantime, maybe go visit Jennifer at Grits & Moxie, as I hung out around there on Saturday. Have a little read around her blog if you do not know her already, she's lovely!

Much love,


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  1. Hello there... long time no hear!

    I'm so sorry for yours and Marco's loss, and I hope that the funeral helps in the grieving process.

    Would be lovely to hear more from you here, but just get through your funk - that's what February/March in London is all about! Hot chocolate, books and cats. x

  2. Don't feel guilty about doing nothing, sometimes this happens and we have to accept it. It's our bodies way of saying 'slow down' and you just might find that you need the break. I often to this, book a week off work with so many plans then don't have the energy to do anything for a few days! Maybe we lead lives that are just too busy. In any case, having a day in comfy home clothes and reading sounds FAB!!! Hope the funeral goes well, even though it's sad, it should also be a celebration of life. x


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