Thursday 4 April 2013

The Chequers

On Good Friday, Marco and I had an impromptu date at a new pub in our neighbourhood. I had been out on a photo-taking venture and he was just done running errands. I suggested we go for a drink at The Chequers to catch up on our mornings before I had to head across town to see a friend.

The Chequers just recently re-opened after a refurbishment, which turned it from a slightly dingy boozer to something quite different. The new owners are still putting on the finishing touches, so right now the pub's interior looks a lot like somebody furnished a building site with lots of funky charity shop finds. Which incidentally is a style I very much like.

There are loads of different areas to sit, and Marco and I moved twice until we settled into a cozy corner with a sofa. There was so much attention to detail, with a lot of the d├ęcor choices providing talking points. My favourites were a painting of a swan and a wall of handbags on the way to the Ladies'. There also were fresh flowers everywhere. 

In addition to looking swell, The Chequers also offers a great selection of drinks (ales in particular) and food. On this occasion, I only had a perfectly squidgy brownie with a side of cornflake ice cream (yum!). I would have liked a coffee to go with it, but the espresso machine wasn't up and running yet. 

I definitely want to go back soon for coffee and another dessert or to try some of the savoury choices on the menu. To top it all off, the staff were really friendly and helpful and I can see this pub becoming a favourite of mine real quickly! 


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  1. Looks like a great place to go. Pity it is a bit far to be my local.

  2. awww! love those phones hanging on a wall! Such a great idea! :)

  3. What a great place. It look so interesting, and you captured it beautifully in your shots.

  4. You have no idea what I'd give for a decent ale right now...

    I really love pubs like that in London which have modernised but in a way which really holds to the aesthetic of traditional London boozers.

  5. Beautiful photos! The place is decorated so neatly. Love the style. Thanks for your comment on my bike ride. :) I will email you about swapping ads.


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