Tuesday 18 June 2013

Great Ocean Road: Part 2 (Lorne - Port Fairy)

This is the second leg of our Great Ocean Road Trip. This is the part in which we ticked some Australian wildlife off our spotting list. We saw koalas! We also went for a walk through a rain forest and spent a night in sleepy Port Fairy.

The koalas! Our travel guide advised us to look for grey shapes that looked like rocks in the branches of trees, and if we saw one we would have spotted our first koala. Right on! We found a whole colony right by the roadside. Most of them were having an afternoon nap, but we found a few that were really active, munching on leaves and climbing around the branches.

After the koala-watching, we stopped for a quick walk through Maits Rest Rainforest. The trees and ferns there were pretty impressive. Some of them were up to 300 years old.

This is by the Twelve Apostles lookout and this is how windy it was. And cold, too! But keeping my hood on most of the time kept my ears warm and my hair in check. Did I mention sleeping with my socks on? Well, I'll mention it again. Hope you're listening, Australian summer!

No dogs allowed. Or cats!

Port Fairy looked to me like an old-fashioned town from a Western movie. Most of the houses had beautiful ironwork along their porches and pillars. We arrived late in the afternoon, and it looked like they had just rolled up the sidewalks. We wandered around looking for food, but most places had literally shut their doors ten minutes earlier. We were getting desperate when we found a take-away pizza place where they were willing to feed us. They had two horse shoes on display in front of the shop. That's how we must have got lucky. 

On our way back to Melbourne, we stopped in Anglesea, because our travel guide suggested it would be a good spot to see kangaroos. Indeed! These roos live on a golf course. There were so many! And they seemed completely nonplussed by golfers teeing off around them.

 The next and final stop on our visit to Australia was Melbourne, and I'll get those photos to you stat!

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  1. What a wonderful series of photographs Annika. You are so good at picking just the right thing to take a picture of.

    And the koalas and 'Roos and the colourful parrot (?) ... So great to get a good look at them like that. That's very exotic travel coming from a girl on the other side of the world.

    1. Thank you, Loulou, you're lovely for saying that! That is a parrot, but I'm not sure what it's called. The birds really are so different and interesting over there.


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