Wednesday 26 June 2013

The Bloedel Conservatory

Hey, here are some photos from my trip to Vancouver! After letting you lot wait such a long time for the last batch of holiday snaps, I thought I'd try for a bit more speed this time. Hope you're not tired of these picture-laden posts yet. 

We had a lovely time in Canada, spend a lot of hours with the family and friends and made some room for sightseeing. I've been to Vancouver a few times now, and there's always something new to discover.

Marco's brother Giulio lent us a voucher book for some money off at certain Vancouver attractions, and we chose to go explore The Bloedel Conservatory one rainy morning. The conservatory sits on a hill with a great view of the city and is surrounded by beautifully maintained gardens.

Inside the big dome is a world of tropical plants and exotic birds that was just the ticket to distract us from the greyness outside. We were given a little guide to the plants and birds and had fun spotting parrots, finches, and other feathered fellows amongst the foliage.

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  1. Your photos are freaking awesome! Inspiring me to get out with the camera more... :)

  2. These are beautiful images. I love photographing flowers! What a neat place.

    1. Thanks. The orchids and other blossoms just made me happy on that rainy day!


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