Monday 17 October 2011

Good Mail Day

Hi Folks.

I hope you had a good weekend. We had some lovely sunshine here in London and a not so lovely rodent rescue operation: Missy brought a little grey mouse home on Sunday. It was still alive and I saw no blood, so I tried to take mouse away from cat.

She was very possessive over it (the claws came out and cats can apparently hiss even when their face is stuffed with furry things), but I won in the end and the mouse scurried away, hopefully without any internal bleeding or psychological trauma. (I am pretty sure I would need counselling if a giant cat dangled me from her mouth, closing her teeth around my head...)

And on a completely different note: don't you just love to come home to exciting mail? Amongst the pile of bank statements and junk mail that I had to go through after coming home from vacation was a little envelope containing this cute hairband. Made and sent by crochet-and-craft-wizard JenMun(a)! I won it in a giveaway that she was hosting. Yay!

Thanks for my gorgeous new accessory!

Have a fantastic week everybody!



Sad mouse news. When I let Mae in last night, she brought a dead mouse with her. :o( I am not sure if it was the same one from the afternoon and it was injured after all, or if Mae caught a new one. Darn cats! They are such trophy hunters!

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  1. Hi Annika, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I love parcels in the mail too. Your hairband is beautiful. Em x

  2. I had to walk away and ley Honey finsh the job with a mouse the other week, it was injured and it was kinder to let her kill it than leave it to suffer! I hate it when she does it, but I have to remind myself that its the reason we got her in the first place. Although all the birds she dumps by the back door weren't supposed to be part of the deal!

  3. oh ich bin so froh dass es gut angekommen ist:)
    hab mich vor lauter schnupfen und grippe die letzten zwei wochen nur im bett herumgedrückt und gar nicht mitbekommen dass es schon bei dir angekommen ist;)
    wünsch dir noch viel freude damit!;)


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