Tuesday 25 October 2011

New Stuff

Gah, when will I ever stop playing with my blog design? Probably never. I wanted to give All The Live Long Day a bit of a fall makeover and initially was only planning to add a new photo of myself and to change the background. But one thing led to another and I ended up with a new header and different text colours, too. I hope you like. 

Speaking of makeovers. I hope you approve of the new photos of this girl on the front page and in the About section. My friend Christina had found a voucher for a half price makeover session, so she and I went to partake in one of those afternoons where they give you free make-up and then take your pictures after, also for free. And then they start showing you the photos they have taken and the one free print that is included turns into a purchase of 3 more, just because you look kinda fabulous and are sure that your grandparents will appreciate a new photo of you... 

Christina and I were both really self-concious during the shoot, because photo poses are just awkward (too much bring-your-face-closer-to-the-wall, tilt-your-head, give-a-mile, cross-your-legs, straighten-your-back, would-you-like-to-change-into-your-second-set-of-clothes-here-in-this-room-where-there-is-no-screen-and-any-member-of-staff-could-just-open-the-door-on-you-like-that...).

But it was cool to see how it's done. The room where we were shot was only tiny, divided by a curtain to give space for two sessions at once. The walls were painted all in different colours and had different sections of wallpaper for a variety of photo backgrounds. In addition to that, there were various backdrops that could be rolled down from the ceiling and a few props like chairs, feather boas, guitars and such. Minimal equipment for maximum effect.

Here are the shots that I liked and ended up ordering:

Isn't Christina beautiful? She just has the kindest face! (Love you, girlfriend!) And the wrinkles around my eye and nose in picture 2?! I swear they are not normally there. I really am hoping that it really is just cakey make-up and not me being in denial about being ancient...

Here are the before photos of us girls, in which we are looking fairly fresh-faced (even if I say so myself):

And here are the "afters" in which we both look slightly orange:

The best thing about the whole makeover was the fact that Christina and I convinced our boys that they just needed to take us out after, what with us looking all prettyfied.

We met up at a fantastic old pub called the Cittie Of Yorke, where the boys had gotten themselves ready for their hot dates:

Christina & Rich and Marco & I

We then were taken to Smiths of Smithfield, the restaurant belonging to John Torode of Masterchef fame. The food was okay, but service was very, very slow. Which was a problem in so far that our husbands had fixed another item on our itinerary for the night...


The crazy boys had booked us a private room at a karaoke club! Excitement! Not just because it meant that I could step out of my heels... We had our own little juke box to pick the songs from and a bell to call for a waitress. 

I found that Mint Juleps help immensely with my singing skills... I believe Marco and I were doing "Islands In The Stream" when that photo was taken. Kenny + Dolly forever!

Of course there had to be some Pearl Jam, and then Christina and I sang "Reach", with Rich as our backup singer and dancer. You all remember S Club 7, right?

We had an excellent night! I am not 100% sure I'm ready for doing Karaoke in front of an audience other than my friends, but I would definitely do this again. And I thought both our husbands did so well with organizing this evening for us. Christina and I both agreed that we would like to make it a regular fixture. (Hint, hint, husbands!)

Finally, I will leave you with a gratuitous shot of my fancy makeover hair, just before I took all the pins out:

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  1. You look lovely! And yes, the header & background are adorable - I love the colors! :)

  2. so pretty. picture number two is definitely my fav! you look gorgeous.

    loving the new blog makeover. the fall-ish florals are so pretty! so cute.

    everything is lovely around here!

  3. Annika, your new design is fantastic, and oh, those photographs!! I love them all, but I think the second one is my favorite. What a beautiful smile you have!!

  4. What a fun post! Love the blog make-over and your glamour shots, too!

  5. Hi Annika!

    First off, I LOVE the makeovers!!! Your new pictures are fabulous and I also love the new look of the blog :) Especially the flowery background that helps me forget that it's fall outside!

    Also, thank you so much for your comment from yesterday!! I loved reading your story of your morning ritual with the kitties :)

    And I'm also glad to have found someone else that also is working on their over-analyzing ways. I've always been an over-thinker and it's definitely something I've been trying to work on a lot lately. I've always joked that it's the Virgo in me...but I'm sure it's more deep seeded than that :)

    But starting the blog definitely helped me start to 'do' more, but I still find it an almost daily struggle to take off the thinking and procrastination hat and just ACT :)

    So cheers to us for recognizing that in ourselves and wanting to do better!

    Jenn xo

  6. You look beautiful! I loooooove your new blog makeover and your karaoke night looks fantastic! Congratulations on your 50 well-desereved followers. Em x

  7. You look so cute in your new photo, and I love the new blog look too! It looks like you guys had a blast everyone needs a good night! I could really use one ... maybe I better find a makeover place.

  8. I love the new blog look and you look so glamourous in your photos. x

  9. You—and the blog—look adorable! And what a fun day, all around.


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