Monday 3 October 2011


I hope you are enjoying all the great guest posts. Just a quick word from me. I am enjoying my vacation so far. 

Have sung very loudly alongside hundreds of Pearl Jam fans, travelled back in time, visited a temple to thrift, drunk a lot of wine, eaten copious amounts of sushi and seen seals. 

Tomorrow, we'll be taking a dip into the States to go to Seattle for the day. The birth place of Grunge and Starbucks. Yay! 

Does anybody have any suggestions on how to best spend a day in Seatown?




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  1. I found your blog through Rambles with Reese and am enjoying reading about your adventures! I hear that Vancouver is absolutely gorgeous so I'm a tad jealous at this moment ;)

    I also haven't been to Seattle either so I can't offer up any tips but I am hoping you enjoy some unusually sunny weather :)


  2. Glad you are enjoying your break. x


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