Monday 19 December 2011

Winter Warmer Recipe Swap - Aunt Vera's Sugar Tarts

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I got my swap recipe last week! It came all the way from Canada, from Jessi, who is one half of Sparrows & Arrows. I have been following Jessi's blog for a while, and she even guest-posted here in September, so I was very happy to be paired up with her!

Jessi sent me a recipe for sugar tarts that has been in her family for a long time and are a staple at Christmas. I loved the little lace trim on the recipe card, that was such a cute touch.

Aunt Vera was Jessi's great-grandfather's sister, in case you were wondering. I made her tarts on Sunday.

I could not find any frozen tart shells here in Britain, so I just bought some ready-rolled dessert pastry and cut out rounds with the scalloped side of a cookie cutter. 

I placed them in a muffin tin and pricked them with a fork before I poured in the filling. In the end I had 12 tarts and a bit of leftover filling. Because I also had some pastry left, I made one big tart out of the remains.

Marco and I had the tarts for Kaffee & Kuchen and liked them a lot. They had formed a lovely sugary crust on top of the sweet gooey filling, which reminded me of crème brûlée. Marco said they tasted almost like the butter tarts he used to buy when he still lived in Vancouver. He got fairly excited!

Thank you, Jessi! I would call these tarts a definite success and they will be made again!


P.S.: Swappers! Don't forget to link up your recipe posts HERE or HERE! It would be lovely for everybody to see what you've been up to and Fiona and I will do a round-up some time after Christmas to showcase your creations.

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  1. These look brilliant! I'm going to have to start copying down all these recipes that people have been sending, as they're all really good!

  2. I am going to have to make these, they sound gorgeous! I've been a bad blogger, ben so busy I haven't had time to even buy the ingredients to make my recipe, I've taken photos but that's as far as I've got!!! Blog post coming soon, I promise! xx

  3. Oh I am so glad you liked them! They are one of my favourite Christmas treats!

  4. What a great recipe- I shall mention this on my Thursday Top Tips post

    blessings xx

  5. Wow they look so tasty! Can't wait to blog about mine - when it arrives in the post. Hope to blog it before you do your final round up!

  6. oh gosh, there are few things in this world that I love more than a good butter tart. I ended up making two batches this Christmas because I burnt the first round so badly they smelled like cigarettes (yup, it was that bad).


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