Monday 24 September 2012

Ferry Crossing

I have just booked a place on the Eurotunnel shuttle for us to go see my parents in Germany for Christmas. It is going to save so much time compared to crossing the English Channel on the ferry, but I think I will always prefer being on a boat to riding a train underground.


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  1. I agree- ferries are such a fun way to travel (but I would say that, living on a tiny island!) I love all these photos!

  2. Once photos! I was just at our waterfront taking pictures yesterday. How I love the nautical theme and you have captured it beautifully.


  3. I still love love your photos..I´m always a bit overwhelmed, so many impressions!

    Du hast wirklich ein Talent für den richtigen Moment, das richtige Motiv und die richtige Perspektive..wunderschön!

  4. Wow, hope you'll write about the tunnel ride afterwards! I don't like tunnels or boats, but I love harbours and looking at ships from a distance. Your photos are so beautiful! They make me want to go wander around a harbour...


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