Wednesday 12 September 2012

Strictly Exciting

Do you know what my favourite thing about fall is? No, not the colour of the changing leaves. Not the fresh crisp air in the morning. Not the fact that hot chocolates are good to drink again. No! Every September, I eagerly wait for the start of a new series of Strictly Come Dancing (which is like Dancing With The Stars, for you overseas readers). I just love cuddling up on the sofa on weekend nights and let the old school type entertainment fluff my brain. A live band, a national treasure of a presenter, ballroom dancing and glittering outfits are truly my kind of a good time. 

This year's celebrity contestants have just been announced, and I actually know quite a few of them. Which either means I have lived in the UK entirely too long or that the quality of stars is actually getting better.

Without having seen her dancing abilities, Victoria Pendleton (Champion British track cyclist) is going to be my favored participant for the time being, and that's because I quite like her personality. And also because my secret plan to get on Strictly myself has always been to become a cycle racer and to be invited on the show after my retirement. So Victoria, you are giving me hope that my plan might actually work!

The BBC has given each of the celebrities a set of questions to answer for the viewers to get to know them a bit better. This is what they were asked: What's your earliest memory? What would you do if you were invisible for a day? What's your ultimate fancy dress outfit? If you could dance with anybody, past and present, who would it be? What's your biggest indulgence?

These are my favourite answers:

And just for fun, I though about what I would have answered (practising for my own Strictly experience, you know...):
What's your earliest memory?

I think it might be when I was alone in the house for a moment when I was maybe 5 and got my head stuck between the rungs of the banister. I do not know what I was trying to achieve by sticking it through there in the first place, but we were living in the top part of a house with our landlady down the exact staircase I was stuck in, and I remember being horrified that either the lady or my parents would come back inside and scold me for being so stupid. Luckily I got myself unstuck again and nobody noticed.

What would you do if you were invisible for a day? 

There is this huge old villa near at the end of the street I grew up on, and I always wondered what it looked like inside. If I was invisible, I would sneak in somewhere and have a good look around.

What's your ultimate fancy dress outfit?

I don't dress up very often, but the costume I liked most in my life was when I put on a potato sack and went as Annika (from 
Pippi Longstocking. Genius, right?!)

If you could dance with anybody, past and present, who would it be? 

Gene Kelly. No doubt. He is grace and charme personified.

What's your biggest indulgence?

Probably going out to eat in really, really fancy restaurants (Michelin-star-kind-of-fancy) from time to time.

How about you guys? Want to let me know in a comment?

Last, but not least, I am also looking forward to the professional dancers, especially James and Ola Jordan, the show's sexy-as-hell power couple. I think I might have a crush on both of them. Don't judge.

Rawr! Bring on the sequins!

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  1. I can't tell you why the title Strictly Come Dancing made me giggle so much. I guess it seems so prim compared to Dancing with the Stars. Either way, I love that show and also crave the brain deadidness it brings after a long day of studying :)

    1. I think it is a fairly prim show on the surface. But there's lots of undercover lewdness going on. Typically British, probably.


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