Wednesday 5 September 2012

Neat Freak

I have finally started moving into my shiny new craft room, and am going through a lot of organizing activities as a consequence. I really want everything to have its place and most importantly, to be easy to locate.

Last weekend, my stash of embroidery thread went from this:

 To this:

It took me the whole of Sunday to cut out bobbins and to wind the floss around them, but it was a downright satisfying activity. Seeing how much joy I take out of my colour-coordinated, neatly lined up bobbins, I am amazed I am not a tidier person in other areas of my life... 

Maybe I should be!

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  1. I loved organising my threads too! It is so therapeutic :)

  2. Annika, I wish my embroidery floss looked like this. Right now it's all over the place!

  3. I have tin envy - that tin is gorgeous! I really need to sort out my floss too, it is overflowing and needs colour coordinating :)

  4. mine definitely look like the first picture! i took an embroidery class last summer though and my instructor's all looked like the after photo and i was in amazement! such a great way to keep up with everything.

  5. Oh wow! this is really beautiful!!! please come and do mine too :-) hugs, jutta


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