Wednesday 23 March 2011

Celluloid Cooks - Mostly Martha

I thoroughly enjoy all kinds of food imagery, be it photos, paintings, or film. I love looking at the detail and the styling for inspiration. Especially in the movies, I like it when food plays a starring role and is used to convey an atmosphere, an emotion or is a catalyst that brings on profound changes in a character.

Here's a kitchen scene from the German film Mostly Martha (the original title is Bella Martha). The Hollywood movie No Reservations was a remake of this, but I think the acting in the original is more tender and heartfelt. The movie tells the story of an ambitious chef whose well-organized life is being turned on its head when she takes in her sister's daughter. Even though she feels spirited in regard to her cooking, she only slowly discovers what it means to be passionate and loving towards herself and other people.

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  1. What a realistic scene of a kitchen. I love the music for this. I did see the American version and I'm sure this one is definitely better.

    p.s. I love your Merit Badge List on the right! There's a few things on your list that I would love to do as well.

    Cheers! Rambles with Reese


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