Thursday 17 March 2011

Tiny New People

There recently have been two new additions to my circle of friends. My brother-in-law Giulio and his wife Toni had little Georgia, which means I'm a real life aunt now. Unfortunately, they live in Vancouver, so it will be some time till I can give my little niece a cuddle.


Then my friend Tina and her partner Jörn had their tiny, Linus. And they live in Germany. So no little baby hugs for me here, either. Meh.


I made them each a little soft teddy bear from old fabric that I had. They are sewn by hand, as my sewing machine's foot control is broken at the moment. I filled them with old (washed!) cut up pantyhose and stitched them each a sleepy face. You could probably use buttons for eyes if you made something for older kids over three, but there should be nothing that could end up in a baby's mouth by accident on toys for really little 'uns.

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  1. that photo of little linus almost makes me want another baby! (almost...) not to mention tiny, tiny Georgia. It's good to be an aunt. Your teddy bears are so sweet, a perfect gift. aimee


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