Friday 4 March 2011

L'Atelier Des Chefs Desktop Recipe Calendar

I subscribe to the newsletter for L'Atelier Des Chefs cookery school. Their premises are located right around the corner from my office and my attention was caught because they offer lunch hour classes called Cook, Eat & Run, one of which I have forever been wanting to join but never actually got around to booking. During a class, they will teach you how to make dishes like Salmon Brochettes with Saffron Couscous and Cumin Spiced Salsa or Passion Fruit and Orange Glazed Duck Breast with Green Beans and Toasted Almonds within 30 minutes, and you can have your lunch and eat it, too! I have also been eyeing up the evening classes for Marvellous Macaroons and Knife Skills...

Anyhow, with the latest newsletter came a download for a tasty widget that installs a desktop calendar that will provide you with a new recipe each day. Today's was for Dark Chocolate and Coffee Truffles, for example. The recipes will feature "seasonal and easy to source ingredients" and will be "including a simple step-by-step guide".

You can download your own calender if you click on this image and follow the instructions:

© L'Atelier Des Chefs

Have a happy weekend, everybody! x

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