Monday 21 March 2011

What Made Me Happy This Weekend

 Waking up to this.

 Blossoms on the box.

 Sitting in the warm spring sunshine.

 Homemade breakfast.

 Marco bringing me flowers.

Bright yellow forsythia.

My roses are growing.

 Missy exploring the garden.

 The green, green grass.

 Hyacinth & Lavender.

 First time this year.

  Mae sunning herself.

     These will become peonies.                    New & finished projects.

 Wearing unfashionable head gear...

 ... to make 67 portions of tuna salad.

         Mae helping with the laundry.                 Bringing out the barbecue. 

 7 types of spring.

The bushes are finally pruned.

Springtime certainly arrived in style around here! Hope you're also feeling springy! x

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  1. You take such lovely photographs. I, too, hung laundry out for the first time this year. Spring has sprung! Although, I haven't seen nearly that many flowers. Your new and finished projects are intriguing me... aimee

  2. @Nathan and Aimee

    Thanks, Aimee. Photography is something I really enjoy, so your comment means a lot to me. Do you love the smell of sun-dried sheets as much as I do?

  3. As I take clothes down off the line I sniff and sniff. It makes me so happy :)


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